Flowers012S.jpgWelcome to Holistic Stress Relief!  On this site you will find suggestions and opportunities for unscrambling your busy life and finding your center of inner peace.  Each one of us has the capacity to learn creative responses to stress which can empower us to grow to our highest potential while we gradually create greater balance and well being in the midst of life's many challenges.



Holistic healing includes physical, psychological and spiritual factors.  My workshops and classes  seek to integrate these three into a seamless union of body, mind and spirit.  Mindfulness practices such as sitting meditation or Tai Chi can sharpen our awareness and bring clarity and insight to our daily lives.  Combining this consciousness  with the power of love and a firm faith or belief in God or in the laws governing our Universe there is no limit to the joy and peace we may discover in our innermost being and in our relationships with others.


Services offered


Tai Chi Chuan classes
a gentle moving meditation for stress relief
and mind/body health  


Mindfulness Meditation classes 
calming the mind with  breath awareness and the use of healing imagery with great relaxation music!  Live in the present moment as we connect with the source of our being.


Bipolar Disorder Coaching

I am presently planning to begin offering coaching for people suffering from bipolar disorder. This would be using online video communication or over the phone. Details are in progress.  Please feel free to email me if there is an interest in the coaching or if there are any other questions you may have.

Public Speaking

on Holistic Treatment for Bipolar Disorder and Spiritual Healing

To listen to a free MP3 version of Jay's interview on Healing Works just click on the start button

Stress Management workshops

Learn Creative Responses to stress
(2 or 4 hours)

Click below for a detailed step by step holistic approach for stress relief.

                           Creative Responses to Stress

         Must have Adobe Acrobat Reader  (download here)