Spiritual Healing

GoldenRose2.jpgSpiritual healing cannot easily be defined or measured, yet persistent progress is being made (please see the link at bottom of this page for information on a scientific journal on the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine).  Spiritual healing can most certainly be experienced by the recipient as an inflow of divine energy, the warmth of love, as deep relaxation, tranquility, a radiation of higher frequencies or energies releasing blockages of negative energies such as fear, anxiety, or doubt.  Healing restores harmony where previously there was some kind of imbalance or hold up in the energy system of the individual who was suffering.  Spiritual healing is the transference of energy from one person or group of people to another.  Spiritual healing is not opposed in any way to conventional medical treatment.  It may be complementary as an adjunct to medical treatment, or it may stand on its own as a unlimited source of healing power which ultimately comes from God (some people may prefer the phrase Universal life force or Universal love).


Spiritual healing can be given on a one to one basis.  This may be called Contact Healing or Healing Touch or the Laying On of Hands.  Healing energy flows through the hands of the healer to the patient.  Usually there is a very light touch or the hands are placed above the body near the area that needs additional focus.  Often the healer will work with the chakras or energy centers of the body to restore balance and increase the flow of the life force through the physical body and also the energy field or aura surrounding the body.  There may be a sense of warmth, tingling, or deep relaxation.  In some instances there may be a deep emotional release and an opening of the heart chakra to the inflow of divine love bringing lasting peace and a spiritual cleansing for the patient.  Physical cures for all kinds of suffering are possible with spiritual healing.  However, we cannot force our will in any adverse circumstances but it is always best to surrender to the will of God in seeking a physical cure for our dis-ease.  Normally there will be a gradual improvement in our health and a restoration to wholeness.  Of course, our healing can be facilitated by our own choices in nutrition, exercise, positive belief, and relaxation training.


sunset..jpgOne form of this type of light touch or hands on healing that I have recently found to be very helpful is Cranial Sacral Therapy.  This can be a great aide in deep relaxation and boosting the bodyís natural healing processes and immunity.  For more information describing Cranial Sacral treatment click here.

A second type of spiritual healing is called Absent or Distance healing.  Here the patient is receiving positive or healing energy from a distance.  Different forms of distance healing are available, some at no cost to the patient.  One that I am most familiar with, both as a patient and as a trained healer, is through The White Eagle Lodge.  The absent healing program is free of charge and is administered at St. Johnís Retreat Center in Texas.  Click here for more information about White Eagle  healing services. 


If you would like to read my personal story of overcoming years of intense struggle with bipolar disorder with the support of White Eagle absent healing click here.  I received tremendous support from the generosity of the healers for a period of six years (1995 to 2001).  Since 1993 I have benefited a great deal from the loving and gentle guidance of White Eagle as a spiritual teacher.


I have tried to make this website a balanced presentation of personal experience and useful information. I feel it is important for me to emphasize that the spiritual healing has been, and continues to be, a major componet of my living a healthy life medication free. In June of 2008 I requested additional healing for myself once again through the White Eagle Lodge (and this was after taking a 2 year 'sabbatical' to explore other spiritual groups). I think it is essential to ask for help when it is needed, and that help can come in many forms. For me, personally, the distance healing continues to restore my body and mind to its true center during times of need. God's love is truly infinite... humility is a key ingrediant in our being receptive to its power.

On the subject of distance healing I would like to add an interesting quote from Larry Dossey, from the book Healing Our Planet, Healing Our Selves (edited by Dawson Church and Geralyn Gendreau).

Prayer, as an effective treatment, is an outrageous notion for most of the

medical establishment, since no accepted theory exists to explain this

phenomenon. Studies of distant healing and remote intercessory prayer

demonstrate that, when a loving, empathic, compassionate intention,

formed in the mind and held in the heart, is directed as prayer,

a powerful healing effect is produced. Prayer works even if the person

being prayed for hasn't a clue that the prayer is taking place. Some

150 studies have now been conducted that support this general idea.


A quick search on the internet shows many different points of view on the subject of scientifc research and distance healing and prayer. For the many people who have benefited from it, there is no controversy, only thankfulness!


Another form of distance healing (or hands on healing) that is widely available is Reiki.  For a concise description of Reiki and its health benefits click here

There are many forms of spiritual healing in the world today.  Some forms will be more suitable than others depending upon our beliefs and psychological preferences.  Each of us must find our own way trusting in our inner guidance and the assistance of others who care for us. 

To see the latest research in energy medicine you may want to visit ISSSEEM, The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine.  Please click here to view the journal, browse articles and see some of the world's leading scientific contributors.  For a comprehensive journals archive (no login required) from ISSSEEM see Energy medicine sites around the globe


 May God bless your healing journey.